Are you tired of waiting for buyers to come for your domain name?

You have a valuable domain but can't get it the attention it deserves?

How about a proactive approach to domain sales?

Try our professionally designed sales landers & lead generation services for your domain names

What Can SuperLander Do For You?

SuperLander makes it easy to pick and customise professionally designed sales pages for your domain names.

Each template is created in collaboration with expert designers, marketers and domaining professionals to bring you the most quality leads.

Each one of our packages includes proactive and targeted lead generation tailored to your domain name.

Customizable & Flexible

You can add your logo, use our pre-written text or add your own, choose which elements of each lander to display and which to hide. You can switch between templates and measure results to find the one that fits best your needs. Each one of our designs is crafted for best conversion but you still have the freedom to make it your own.

Device Compatible

Over 63% of web users are on their mobiles*. This is why all our sales pages are mobile and tablet compatible.


Security of the information transmitted on the internet has always been important and now more than ever. Most modern browsers are displaying warnings or simply not showing at all websites that don't have secure connection. Our sales pages come with included SSL certificate for your domain.

Multiple Pricing Options

You can have any and all of the following options:

- Minimum price
- Buy Now price
- Accept crypto currencies
- Offer payment in instalments
- Open to offers
- Open to partnership opportunities

Cross Promotion

We make it super easy to promote your other domain names on each one of your landers. It is up to you what domains to include on each template. Like with other lander features, you can have those individually set up or set a default and apply to all your domains.

Trust & Credibility

We have a number of options  included in each sales page to give you credibility, and help gain the trust of your potential buyers. See some of them listed below.

- Details about the seller and the domain
- Knowledge base
- FAQ section
- Similar domain names sold
- GDPR compliant

For all those we have the defaults written up by our team and you can use those as is or replace with your own content.

Quality leads and 0% Commission

We investigate and select the best approach to generate leads for your domain. Depending on your target buyer this can be email, social media, cold call or other types of marketing. Each package we offer includes a set number of contacts we make on your behalf every month. You are given a detailed monthly report on the activity. And we don't charge commission - your sales are yours.

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