Frequently asked questions

What is a Premium Domain Name?

A premium domain name is a domain that has characteristics above the norm. Such characteristics could such as short, catchy, keyword rich, brandable, and generic or descriptive. The initial acquisition of a Premium Domain is oftentimes high, however it will renew at the regular renewal price for whichever domain extension it uses.

Will you buy or sell my domain?

SuperLander is a service we provide - we consult you and help you present your domain name in the best possible way as well as research and reach out to prospective buyers on your behalf. We do not buy or personally sell your domain name - the leads we generate are yours to manage and negotiate the best terms for selling your domain name.

How much time do I have to invest in selling my domain?

We craft a service plan specific to each domain name and matching your needs. Depending on your time frames, budget, value of your domain and will/ ability to be involved in the process we can provide you with anything from just a professional presentation to full on website, content marketing, social media promotion, lead generation and management. So to answer that shortly - it depends completely on your needs and desire.

How much do SuperLander services cost?

Since we design bespoke packages for each individual case we donʼt have a set price for the services we offer. However the minimum plan we have is $299 and it covers a 20 minutes consultation, a professional Sales Lander and 30-50 targeted contacts made on your behalf to prospective clients. This is the absolute minimum to kickstart the sales process for your domain. What you can invest in promoting and selling your domain is always proportional to the value of the domain itself.

Can I cancel the service?

Yes you can, just let us know via email. You will only be billed for services that have already been delivered or/and are in the process of being delivered within three days from your notice of cancellation. Any difference will be refunded to your account.

How many domain names can you work with?

We donʼt have a limit, you can work with us for selling one or thousand domain names. Get in touch and we will discuss the most suitable strategy to get you quality leads for your name/s.

Can I submit any domain name with you?

We consider all cases but prefer to work with domain names valued at at least $5,000. The reason is that as mentioned above, for everyone to be happy you need to earn enough from your domain sale to justify the cost of our service.

How do you generate leads for my domain name?

We use different methods depending on the individual case since the target market for each domain name is different. For some domain names we may reach out to businesses/individuals via linkedin, for others via mail, we can do cold calling too - the most fitting strategy will depend on your unique needs and can be a mix of two or more lead generation methods.